My Story

It all started with Instagram during my sophomore year of college in 2012. I began to gain interest in the idea of imagery and the ability to capture experiences in the way I visioned them. I see every photo shoot as an opportunity to improve my photography and learn from life experiences. I am always open to creating work outside of my current portfolio and inspiring creativity.

The Vision

Whether you are trying to remember a point of time in your life in the best way possible, or build your business to the empire you've always dreamed of, I am dedicated to using my knowledge to provide you with the visual content you need. I thrive on assisting others with their success and desire to make a positive impact.

Meet the Photographer

Committed to providing excellence and setting the bar when it comes to what professional photography should consist of. I am a firm believer in manifestation and the ability to become anything you can imagine. It's only a matter of how you apply your abilities and knowledge to the better being of your surroundings. I found my passion in photography at the age of 20, and have ever since continued to grow into the photographer I am today. Please feel free to visit my social pages for more exclusive content.


Matthew Nicholson

Founder & CEO

Father of two children, currently 27 years of age, and inspiring others through the power of creative imagery.

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